Is a Pilot Job Dangerous?

There are plenty of reasons why an aviation job is perfectly safe. Learn why being a pilot is a great choice for your future!
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How does the aviation job attract so many people? In fact, most of us love how this job has many advantages for the pilot and those around him, and it is very profitable. But is it dangerous?

Is there an actual danger in the pilot job?

There is no danger in this amazing job. Due to its difference and distinction from other professions, some feel afraid of it or listen to the wrong things said about it.

However, pilots themselves provide the strongest evidence for how this job is completely safe. They’re so passionate about their work! It is natural for them to put some effort into it since this is what makes their job valuable. Thus, the first safety requirement they do is to follow the procedures.

Additionally, you can even find many pilots continue working after retirement as private pilots. That’s because being a pilot is exciting, not frightening!

And here’re other reasons that confirm that:

Technological advancements

National Geographic has published an article explaining how aviation was preparing a technological revolution in all equipment and technologies, even before the emergence of (COVID-19). A race is now taking place to ensure the safety of every flight. Thus, they developed many types of equipment to increase the safety of flights. They also relied on artificial intelligence in many new technologies.

Therefore, it is no wonder how safety tools are constantly increasing.

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The landing moment

The landing time for the pilots is a time of enjoyment and challenge. This is because after you become a pilot, you will feel in control of your plane during landing and will be able to apply everything you learned during flight training.

It is at this point that a pilot can truly realize how amazing his profession is.

This is an in-demand job

If a job proves dangerous anywhere in the world, it is immediately suspended. But do you find the flight job suspended? It is, on the contrary, continuing and even increasing. And what reveals that is the willingness of airlines to hire many new pilots. Similarly, the aircraft industry produces more airplanes.

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As a result, flying is not considered hazardous since safety procedures are constantly being improved and developed, and with them, the number of pilots increases.

We can now assure you that this job is safe and secure, so let’s review a few tips that you need to follow before joining flight training.

Essential tips before joining flight school

1- Start early

 In this profession, the earlier you start, the better you do.

For example, if you have graduated from high school and aren’t sure whether aviation is suitable for you at this stage or not, then you should know that now is the best time to start. This is because you are fully prepared to receive the theoretical and practical lessons of the training.

During this time, you can also use your enthusiasm to help you become a better pilot and achieve your goals!

2- Join some groups on social media

As your interest in piloting grows, you begin to research its advantages, salaries, and how to succeed in it. This is a good thing that we will talk about shortly. But you can also go to some social networking sites such as Twitter or Facebook, and then search for groups that include pilots, whether they are experienced or newly joined in the field.

Then start browsing the topics they are talking about or even ask some questions you don’t know the answers to.

The topics they discuss will expand your horizons to find out more or to read about them. There will be groups for people who are interested in the latest equipment for pilots, as well as groups for people who are interested in the most important types of aircraft… All this will be covered in the following advice.

3- Learn a little bit about aviation

While this is not a prerequisite (as you will learn all the necessary details during the training), you won’t lose anything by learning a little before starting the training programs. In fact, it will benefit you!

For example, you can read about the pilot’s responsibilities. And here you will realize that the pilot is not always alone, but there is a whole team working next to him. You’ll also learn that there’re other responsibilities for the pilot besides flying.

In addition, you can browse the most important factors that make you a good pilot, such as following procedures specified by airlines and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

All of this initial knowledge will serve as a framework for learning the most important elements of the job. And once you enroll in the training, you’ll learn all that, and even start implementing it!

4- Watch some aviation movies

Yes, that’s right! As many people are passionate about the field of medicine, they watch medical movies and series, and they even pick up some terms and phrases that inspire them to enter the medical world. This holds true for flying, too.

Watching some aviation films can benefit you from both psychological and scientific perspectives.

It helps you psychologically by encouraging you to take this step seriously and enter this world which is better in real life than in the movies. Also, it helps you scientifically to pick up some of the common words in these films and terms that, of course, are not only determined by the meaning in the films, but you can search for them and learn more about them.

That’s because the films pave the way for you to search and know more about aviation.

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5- Practice the Phonetic Alphabet

You may find this tip very interesting! You can learn the Aviation Phonetic Alphabet (which is called the ICAO Phonetic Alphabet) in order to understand these words that resonate between pilots and crew.

For example, Alpha means A, Bravo means B, and following it Charlie, Delta, Echo… Until Zulu for Z.

By knowing this alphabet, you will become that successful pilot who uses and receives it smoothly and intuitively. Furthermore, you will have taken a glimpse of it before you study it in detail in the training program.

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6- Get your medical license

Obtaining a medical license is the first step in participating in aviation programs. Therefore, you have to take care of your health at all times!

And as you can see, all the professional pilots you meet in airports and airlines are always in great shape. You will learn from the moment you start this job (and even before you start it) how to adhere to healthy habits, whether in terms of eating, sleeping, exercising, or even mental health.

7- Choose the best aviation school

And now, after you’ve prepared yourself in every way, it is time for the right choice of school that will open the doors for you to practice this profession, which is usually described as a dream that comes true; the aviation profession.

It is imperative that a flight school be accredited and equipped with modern technologies and diverse aircraft. It also must have experience in graduating generations who have become successful pilots now. Like Eagle Air Academy that has helped many ambitious individuals like you to be experienced pilots, with more than 10 years of experience in this field.

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And now, it’s time to discuss the benefits of the flying profession.

Benefits of The Flight Profession

There are plenty of benefits when it comes to aviation jobs. These benefits include, but aren’t limited to:

Taking off on Adventures

After getting your private pilot license, you can fly almost anywhere in your area! This means that a fifteen hour trip can be turned into a couple of hours on a plane. Upon flying your aircraft, you can enjoy great sceneries anywhere you go to!

The Community

Once you obtain your license, you’ll be introduced to others who have many things in common with you, for example: your love for flying! Those with pilot jobs have plenty of exciting stories that they’re always willing to tell and swap with you.

Thrilling Career

If you feel that an office job isn’t for you, then perhaps you could look a bit more into the flight profession. Obtaining a commercial pilot license (CPL) would be a dream come true for those who are looking for an exciting job.

For the Love of Flying

Flying high in the sky is a dream to many, those who would do anything in order to see the beautiful scenery from above are great candidates for the best pilots in the industry.

After all, nothing makes a good pilot as much as the passion they have for their career.

Would You Like to Become a Pilot?

It’s no surprise that a pilot job is great and beneficial in many ways, so it’s a completely valid career choice! However, the key point for safe flying is to be trained well. The only way for this is to look for the best flight academy to enroll in.

We’d like to propose you learn more about Eagle Air Academy and consider it for your flight school of choice!