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12 Reasons To Get Your Pilot License

Getting a pilot license can be a huge advantage. Learn why!
Six photos, shows the advantages that pilots get.

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A pilot’s job offers many advantages and benefits to its owner, and these benefits extend to his family and friends, in addition to the unique experiences they will get from this job. And all this begins with getting a pilot license.

All these benefits are the reasons why you should apply for this job. So, in this article, we will tell you 12 reasons why you should get your flight license and join the aviation industry.

1- Set Yourself Up for Future Career in Aviation

For those who seek a career in aviation and build their future with it, the first step is acquiring a pilot’s license. And a Private Pilot License is first on the list.

Your journey to obtaining your Private Pilot License begins as you learn to use the main equipment and how to fly the plane, all under the instruction of a certified instructor who will share his experience and knowledge of the field in order to get that license, which officially puts you in the aviation industry.

By becoming a certified private pilot, you can advance further in the aviation field by adding other licenses, such as Instrument Rating and Multi-Engine, until you become a commercial pilot. Therefore, you’ll gain more experience in flying and have more opportunities for higher salaries.

2- Bring your friends and family on a flight

Since aviation is a unique profession, it also comes with benefits that other professions may not have.

After you receive your pilot’s license, you will be able to take your family and friends on a flight so they can see how well you learned in flight school, plus you’ll introduce them to new places and sights.

So, it’s considered a big advantage of being a pilot as you’re able to share the flight with your nearest and dearest.

Having your private pilot license allows you to transport passengers without hiring, so you can take your loved ones with you on a trip to the destinations they want to visit.

In this way, instead of telling your family and friends what you learned from your flying lessons, you can actually show them all of it while you are flying, and instead of hearing about your flying experience, they can actually live it with you!

3- Learn a New Skill

A big part of what makes flying fun is that there’s always something new to learn.

As soon as you enter flight school, your learning journey begins. 

Along with learning the theory and information about flying, you also begin to learn practical skills from your instructor with every lesson you take, as well as from your interactions with other pilots because once you enter this field, you become part of this community, the community of pilots.

What’s even more fun is that the skills you learn during your training and during the flight itself can also be applied to other areas of your life.

Developing skills such as communicating clearly and working efficiently with your team are transferable to many other areas of your life, so you’ll be surprised when you apply them to other non-flying situations.

Because of this, many pilots like to continuously improve their skills by obtaining other flying licenses, in which they learn new skills.

4- Take a Business Trip

For some people, business travel is an annoying task, but for pilots, the opposite is true.

When you become a certified pilot, your license allows you to fly for business on your own, so you can fly to business meetings or conferences, stop for lunch, and fly home all on the same day!

As a result, you will be more productive, while also getting to your workplace in a distinctive way, which will give you greater authority at work and among your colleagues and other business owners.

Additionally, compared to driving for work, flying is much more efficient, saves time, and allows you to go anywhere you want.

5- Fly Internationally

By receiving your Private Pilot License, you will be able to fly anywhere in the world. It is because there are no major restrictions on traveling with your own license. You can, for example, fly to a country with or without your instructor, depending on the country and its requirements.

Since you learn from the beginning everything related to flying and how to deal with each destination or place you travel to, you understand the specific rules and regulations for each country considering their different distances.

You can learn what borders you can legally cross, whether near or far from your home country, and start traveling internationally to different countries, discovering beautiful landscapes, and exploring places you’ve never been to before.

6- Go Traveling and Sightseeing

Have you ever wanted to see the sights and attractions of other places from above the clouds? If you want that unique experience, the pilot license can help you achieve it!

Besides being able to travel to these different areas and navigate them, with that license, you can even get to other locations that are difficult to get to by car. Once you become a certified pilot, you can visit all the places you’ve dreamed about.

Having a flight license means that you can go on a flight in your own country or in another country to view many special areas and witness them in a way that many people can only dream about.

7- Share Your Passion for Aviation With Others

Being a pilot means joining the aviation community. Meaning that you have something in common with a large network of pilots who share their experiences and love to fly just like you.

When you travel within the country or abroad, you can land at any airport, visit other pilots in those locations, and make new friends through a common passion for aviation and share your expertise.

You can also make friends in the aviation field by joining social media pages and groups, where you’ll find many pages and groups dedicated to air travel, either by sharing the latest news in this field or publishing information about different aircraft.

With it, you will find other pilots sharing their experiences with each other, and you can join them to feel that you are part of an interesting world; the aviation one.

8- Treat Your Family and Friends

As mentioned previously, becoming a pilot is a great way to give your friends and family a memorable experience by taking them to many exciting places. However, it doesn’t stop there!

Family members of pilots get other benefits from airlines, such as flight offers or free flights. In this way, you provide for your family many benefits by entering the field of aviation.

Also, as you advance in this field, you achieve more advantages for yourself, your family, and your relatives, and this will fascinate them. In addition, they expand their circle of relationships, as they get to know many people on those trips and form friendships and connections across cultures.

9- Explore Entrepreneurial Opportunities

When it comes to creating and executing different and unique ideas in the field of business, the aviation industry is the right choice for you!

Being a pilot allows you to gain the opportunity to be an entrepreneur. This is for many reasons, for example, as a professional pilot, you will have a wealth of knowledge about the aviation industry that no one otherwise would, and since you are inside this industry, you know a lot about it, as well as the people who work there.

With this knowledge and relationships, you will be able to discover opportunities for entrepreneurship in the aviation sector, pursue the business idea that you want and start building a successful business.

And due to the size of the aviation industry, you will always have opportunities to turn your ideas into reality.

10- Have Quality Alone Time

When you are flying your own plane, only you and your plane are in the air. This experience will make you feel relaxed and will make you enjoy spending some time alone.

Flying solo is a wonderful experience filled with a mixture of excitement and calmness. It is always exciting to fly solo for the very first time as you apply everything you have learned in theory and practice!

The first time you fly is in the flight school, as you learn how to fly with the instructor, and when the instructor feels you’re ready he lets you fly alone.

Flying at night is also considered one of the most beautiful and enjoyable aspects of flying.

A Night Rating ensures that you are taught how to fly at night, and after obtaining this license, you are allowed to fly at any time.

Night flights are always enjoyable because they provide a beautiful view of the world from the air, especially over cities and airports.

11- See things from a new perspective

As a pilot, you can see many things from an entirely different perspective, as you get to see famous cities and places not from inside their streets, but from above!

In other words, you see them from different angles and from a broader perspective, which makes you realize how beautiful each of these cities and regions is.

Furthermore, your job as a pilot makes you perceive many things differently than you did before.

If, for example, you had seen before that every job had the same office it used to have, you’ll then see that the flight job is different.

It is because when you work in aviation, your primary office is the cockpit of a plane, and the walls of your office are the windows through which you see the most beautiful landscapes and various attractions.

Therefore, with a pilot license, you’ll discover a world filled with features and experiences that can only be found in this job!

12- Get to where you want faster

Flying allows you to skip traffic and reach your favorite destinations faster.

With the pilot’s license, you can drive a plane and get to where you want in less time than traveling by car.

No matter if it’s a business trip or a leisure trip, you can arrive on time or even earlier when you fly to the destination of your choice.

You won’t even have to think about the busy traffic especially during the holiday season, as you’ll simply hop on your plane and fly to your destination!

A final word

After reading this article, you will discover that there are a number of reasons that encourage you to reach your goal of becoming a pilot.

And with all these reasons, there is only one way to achieve your dream, and that is by joining Eagle Air School that makes your dream a reality within 18 months!

Get your pilot license now and start living that special experience!