Why Is The Pilot’s Salary So High?

Discover how much is the average pilot salary worldwide!
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There are many people who are wondering about pilots’ salaries around the world: what exactly is the average pilot salary? And why are pilot wages increasing so fast? This is because pilot earnings are among the highest-paying jobs.

As a result of the current shortage of pilots, the demand for them has dramatically increased among the major airlines due to the increase in yearly passengers and the expansion of the aviation industry.

These are the reasons why the aviation industry is more interesting than ever, and airlines compete to offer the highest salaries to new pilots.

How are pilots’ wages determined?

A pilot’s pay is calculated by the number of flying hours. As a result, pilots’ salaries may vary each month based on how many hours they have flown, and it’s often no less than 700 flying hours for a captain per year.

Additionally, there are other factors that affect the salary of a pilot, such as the number of years of experience and the type of aircraft they fly.

In terms of experience, many airlines pay a pilot a higher salary that may reach twice their own wage in the first year.

Thus, the more years a pilot works, the higher their hourly rate will be.

As for the type of aircraft the captain flies, that may also affect how much they make per hour, we’ll now discuss that.

How much are pilots paid per hour?

Newly hired pilots start at $40-70 per hour, but later exceed 300 per hour, especially in international airlines.

As an example, a pilot who flies a Boeing 777 makes $320 per hour. This means if they make a round trip or two flights that are each 15 hours, they will get $5,000 for two flights in just one or two days!

As airlines permit the pilots to fly 1,000 hours per year, this means that if they fly the number of hours that are allowed by the airline, they’ll earn $320,000 per year.

And here’s another perk you get from your pilot salary! While many people in other jobs make less per hour than this for 2,000 hours per year, pilots get twice as much (or even more!) for 1,000 flying hours only!

How much is the accommodation and travel allowance for a pilot?

Pilots receive an hourly accommodation and travel allowance from airlines. As such, these allowances are based on the number of personal expenses the pilot will encounter away from their home base, such as accommodation and food, and the number of hours they’ll spend on different flights until they return to their headquarters.

The airline covers all of this and pays the pilot well for each hour.

For example, when you travel internationally as a pilot, the company will provide you with an accommodation allowance or book a luxurious accommodation room so that you’ll be comfortable for the next flight.

A newly hired pilot’s allowance begins at $100 per flight, making his salary increase significantly per month.

In addition to a pilot’s working hours, which amount to 150 hours a month, a combination of flying hours and other hours spent working at the airline, which in many cases equal the salary of flying hours, then the pilot’s wage amounts to an Imaginary sum!

How does the pilot salary vary?

The wages of pilots differ between one another and according to the stage in which they are working. 

Pilots’ wages, in the beginning, differ from their wages after a while in the airline. The longer the period, the higher the salary of the pilot.

In addition, airlines offer different wages. National airlines pay higher salaries than smaller companies. Middle Eastern airlines offer salaries of up to $16,000 per month, plus an accommodation allowance and paid holidays.

Salary levels also vary by aircraft type. Pilots of large planes make an average of $121,408 a year, and pilots of smaller planes make an average of $104,219 a year.

Are the pilots’ salaries increasing?

Yes, pilots’ salaries are continuously rising. Most airlines set an annual raise for pilots. 

This is because the aviation industry is constantly evolving, so companies require the largest number of qualified pilots.

The salary of a pilot in the first year of work doubles in some companies, moreover, it rises dramatically in the next five years.

Along with annual raises and airline bonuses, another factor that keeps pilots’ wages rising is the shortage of qualified pilots. So, pilots’ wages increased as a result of this shortage.

Many airlines have also resorted to giving their pilots financial bonuses upon sign-on, and other benefits throughout the year, along with their salaries.

There are a variety of bonuses available depending on the airline and the country. Here are some examples:

United Arab Emirates: Pilot bonuses amount to $46.8K each year.

USA: Pilot bonuses are $32,000 a year.

United Kingdom: Pilot bonuses are up to $29.2k.

South Africa: Pilot bonuses reach $19.1k yearly.

Canada: Pilot bonuses are $10.4K per year.

Why are pilots’ salaries increasing so rapidly now?

With the introduction of new technologies in aircraft construction in the second half of the twentieth century, it has become possible to develop a highly competitive aviation sector.

All of this has resulted in the pilot salary being higher than ever.

In order for the airlines to keep up with the changes that have occurred in this field, they had to offer good salaries to pilots to encourage them to work.

You can greatly benefit from this progress by getting a rewarding job like the pilot job.

As for the demand for pilots in the future, it’ll continue to grow to reach 147,000 in 2039 in Europe alone, 91,000 in 2029 in Asia and the Pacific, and 65,000 in 2029 in North America.

What are the pilots’ salaries around the world?

Major airlines employ pilots all around the world and offer high salaries. Therefore, these are the average wages for pilots in some high-paying countries.

  • Qatari pilots earn an average annual salary of $220,000.
  • Pilots in the UAE typically earn $200,000.
  • An average pilot’s salary in Germany is $203,000 per year.
  • The salary average for pilots in Saudi Arabia is $126,000 per year.
  • Pilot salaries in France average $235,000 per year.
  • Pilots in Canada earn an average salary of $225,000 per year.
  • China’s average salary for pilots is $300,000.

In conclusion

Compared to all the jobs in the world, aviation is the one that pays the most for traveling around the globe.

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