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Night Rate

Pilots who hold a night rating are able to fly in visual flight rules (VFR) at night while following safety procedures.

What is the Night Rate training?

The Night Rating is a 5 dual-hour course, with no exams or flight tests, which qualifies you to fly VFR at night. It can also be included with the 45-hour PPL course and consists of at least:

3 Hours

Dual Night Training

5 takeoffs

and full-stop landings as Pilot in Command (dual).

1 Hour

Dual Night Navigation

What Are The Requirements to Achieve a Night Rating?

no. 1
PPL Holder

To already hold a Private Pilot License or take it with the NR program.

no. 2
20 Hours

To complete all 20 hours of the course.

no. 2
Medical Certificate

To have a medical certificate.

Qualifications & Duties of NR Trainer

A Pilot Facing The Camera

Ground Facilities

  • When a suitable standby power supply is not provided for the fixed electric runway or HLS lighting, portable runway or HLS lighting shall be available for use in the event of a runway or HLS lighting power failure.
  • A suitable means of indicating the wind velocity to aircraft on the maneuvering area and in-flight shall be available.

Aircraft Equipments

Instrumentation and Lighting

Aircraft shall be fitted with serviceable instrumentation and lighting. aerial work and private operations.

Radio Equipment

Aircraft shall be fitted with serviceable radio communication equipment.


Prevent a person specified in an instrument of delegation signed by CASA from exercising the powers and functions so delegated.

Flight Training

A minimum of 20 hours of flight training is required

5 hours

as minimum dual night flight time, including 2 hours dual cross country.

5 hours

as minimum simulator night flight time, with 10 take-offs and landings.

10 hours

as minimum dual Instrument flight time (5 hours can come from Private Pilot License).

Once this is completed, your instructor must state in your logbook “This is to certify that the skill requirement for Night Rating has been met.” Despite the fact that there is no practical or written test, students must meet the necessary skill requirements. This will allow an already Private Pilot License holder with a valid medical (Cat I or III) to legally fly at night.

Frequently Asked Questions

Pilots who hold a night rating are able to fly in visual flight rules (VFR) at night while following safety procedures.

With this qualification you’ll be able to fly under reduced visibility conditions at night, maximizing your capabilities. You’ll also find out how to rely on the instrumental panel in the aircraft without being constrained when executing a flight.

No, this certificate is valid for a lifetime. It doesn’t expire.

Yes, you can apply for this course at the same time as your PPL is issued.

You can take Night Rating (NR) with Eagle Air Flight School. Just register here and choose the NR course if you’ve already enrolled for the Private Pilot Course.