A Pilot At The Cabin

How To Become An Airline Pilot?

Step One

Taking the medical examination.

It is strictly required at this point to get a Class 1 medical certificate that ensures you have passed the medical requirements for your commercial pilot career.

Step Two

(PPL) Private Pilot License,This is the first step to become a pilot. There are two parts of a PPL course; theoretical knowledge and flight, and ground school training that consists of 9 subjects.

For flight training, there is a minimum of 45 hours of flying training, these are arranged into exercises to cover the basic skills required for flying an aircraft safely. By getting the PPL students will be capable of and authorized to fly a single-engine aircraft as a pilot in command.

Step Three

(NR) Night Rate,the second step of five steps to be a commercial pilot.

After obtaining your PPL License (Private Pilot License), you would need to fly the aircraft as a pilot in command and you would typically complete the hours of Night Rating course to be qualified and authorized to fly at night.

Step Four

(IFR) Instructor Flight Rate,

the aim of the course is to train pilots to operate airplanes under IFR (Instrument Flight Rate) and in IMC (Instrument Meteorological Conditions) on a single-piston engine airplane.

Step Five

(ME) Multi Engine rate,in this stage the students will be only one step away from starting their career to become commercial pilots.

The students become multi-engine rated by flying multi-engine (more than one engine) aircraft.

Step Six

(CPL) Commercial Pilot License,

by reaching this phase the students can start their career as pilots.

For the CPL flight training, there is a minimum of “205” flying hours of flight training. These are classified into different exercises which cover advanced aircraft handling skills, flying too much tighter tolerances than at PPL level.

Eagle Air is the only aviation school in SA that makes the students get more experience by building their hours through FLY-AWAY.

At this phase, the students should have been visited more than 10 different airports in more than 10 cities non-stoppable for 4 or 6 days and then the trip ends with a landing at Cape Town International Airport.