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9 Features You Get as a Pilot

Aviation is the only job that allows you to see the world from a different perspective
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Aviation is the only job that allows you, as a pilot, to see the world from a different perspective.

You might think that the first steps toward the dream of being a pilot will face some challenges, but that’s not true.
Aviation is a field that you can study like any other major, but no major can compete with aviation in terms of benefits and perks. 

Aviation provides you with more benefits than any other job.
Benefits such as flexibility, high salaries, career progression, and many more that we will know about in this article:

1-Salary :

1. The High Salary

The high wages that pilots get are considered an attractive factor for many people to work in this job. According to many different sources, such as the British Pilots Association, the annual salary for a pilot may start from £31,929 pounds and this number may reach £77500 pounds.

In some cases, the wage rises to £140,000 pounds. It may take some time to get a high salary, but it is a sure thing in this profession.

2. The Variety

There are so many flights daily, but despite the many flights, there are no two similar flights at all.

There is a difference in every journey you take, with each trip there is a new challenge, a different lesson that you can learn, and new things to know about.

3. Traveling to Different Places

The most popular feature of the aviation profession is the ability to travel around the world and getting paid to do so. Just imagine how many places you can visit in one year!

The flying profession gives you the freedom of travelling, exploring new places, meeting different people and cultures, and seeing the world from a different perspective.

4. Benefits for you and your family

Many airlines offer some benefits for the pilot’s family and friends as free or discounted flights. You can choose a number of your family members or friends to enjoy these benefits that your job offers you.

5. Being unique

With the technological advancement in the manufacture of sports aircraft, aviation learning is not challenging. 

As a pilot, you have a unique position because reaching this point means that you put in a lot of effort and you have the patience to achieve your dream. You have reached a level that many people can’t get to.

6. Skills improvement and personality development

Every time you travel, you will meet different people, whether on the ground, air traffic controllers, or at other airports.

Dealing with different people with different experiences and cultures other than yours helps you to improve your skills and develop your personality.

7. Flexibility in working time

The aviation profession is not a regular 9-5 job like the rest; there is flexibility in working hours that differ according to flights, so each day is considered different, which adds a kind of excitement to the aviation profession.
Also, weekends are different; they can be on Tuesday or Wednesday, for example, so that you can enjoy your vacation. 

So, you can have a flexible schedule.

8. A Pilot never stops learning and getting better

As a pilot, you are always subject to continuous training and learning new skills. You should always be aware of everything new in the world of aviation, which helps you keep up with all of the updates in your job.

The aviation profession teaches you discipline and to be more tolerant of others because you will have a greater awareness of what is going on around you. Meeting different people and being exposed to other cultures can help you be more open and receptive to others.

9. Career progression as a pilot

You begin training as an auxiliary pilot when you have completed at least 1500 flying hours; you can apply for an Airline License and qualify as a flight pilot.

It will usually take 3 to 5 years. With experience, you can become a flight training instructor or operations manager.