6 Different Types Of Flying Training For Aspiring Pilot


6 Different Types of Flying Training for Aspiring Pilot

If you want to become a pilot, one of the essential things that you should know is the type of flight training you choose.
Six different types of pilots standing with an airplane at the bottom.

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If you want to become a pilot, one of the essential things that you should know is the type of flying training you choose.  Here are six different flight programs to help you decide which plan to choose.

1. Recreational Pilot:

Unlike sports pilots, the recreational pilot has fewer restrictions than other pilots but is limited in the places where he is permitted to fly. The entertainment pilot should remain 50 nautical miles from its base. Receiving additional approval may allow him to fly further.

2. Sports License:

This option is a cheaper way for pilots to reach the air. A sports driver’s license requires only 20 hours of training, but there are some limitations where sports pilots can only fly with smaller, slower planes with one or two seats. They are classified as light-sport aircraft. Additionally, athletic pilots cannot fly during bad weather and at night.

3. Private Pilot License:

Individual pilot licenses are an attractive term for many different types of flying training. To qualify, you must have a minimum of 35 flying hours, in addition to passing a test and obtaining a valid driver’s license.

4. Commercial Pilot License:

like with a car, a Commercial Pilot License is the first step for professional flying as part of your career. The Commercial pilot license requires taking the required flight training licenses and obtaining the written approval of a certified aviation instructor.

5. Airline Pilot License:

Besides owning a commercial pilot’s license and passing the necessary tests, to obtain a flight license for airlines, you must have 1500 flying hours in different types of aircraft in different conditions.

6. Certified Aviation Instructor:

To teach others how to become pilots, first need to obtain a commercial pilot’s license, pass rigorous tests, licenses, and get approval from your certified aviation instructor that you have learned the basics. Then you can search for work at an educational institution or flight training school, such as Eagle Air Flight School.