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Is Aviation profession Dangerous?

Is driving a car more dangerous than flying a plane?
Side view of an airplane with a danger sign covering it,

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A common question that is usually asked about the aviation profession: is it dangerous?
Is it considered as a dangerous job, or is there no risk to it?

Our aviation school trains many professional pilots and has many graduates; It is our duty to be open and honest about flight safety.
We also must clarify everything related to this profession and respond to rumors related to flight safety so nothing would discourage you from chasing your dreams of becoming a pilot.

Flying And Other Activities.

Flying is like any other activity that you do in your daily life like driving a car, riding a motorbike, or even walking down the street. Any of these activities can pose a risk if you perform them with negligence or indifference.

We are sure that flying is the least dangerous field compared to other means of transportation.

Familiarization And Spread

And now you might be wondering, if this information is correct, why is it uncommon?

A logical question, but the question already has the answer.
It’s all about the concept of familiarization and spread.

Most people come across many road accident news, car accidents, train accidents, and they may even see some of these accidents on highways. Unfortunately, people think that’s normal due to their recurrence.
Even their brains won’t care because of the frequency, unlike flying accidents, which rarely occur.

Flying Accident Rarity.

Flying accidents are rare as an accident occurs every few years. Even though most of the time almost all passengers survive – all news outlets discuss the event at the same time.

This results in people thinking flying is dangerous since every media platform is talking about it. And when anyone is exposed to this amount of information in such a small period of time, they start to overestimate the risks.

These risks are not real; people are just used to certain types of incidents. Since this is a new type of incident – also an unusual one – it sticks longer to your memory.

However, let us clarify some factors that answer your question of ‘’Is it safe to learn flying?’’

First thing you need to know: Your position as a student in an aviation school is the safest way to fly.

The biggest advantage of becoming a pilot and working in the Aviation profession is that you have a very low chance of facing an accident. Some statistics show that student pilots are less likely to have accidents.

Upon obtaining your aviation license, you will travel with a well-trained pilot who may have thousands of hours of flying experience.
So, when you get the best, and the smartest pilots oversee you, your chances of facing a flying accident are greatly reduced.

Secondly: The tremendous technological advancement in the field of aircraft safety and flying security.

Companies are constantly spending more and more money to improve aircraft safety and reduce risk as much as possible.
Companies protect all active aircraft systems against any external influences such as lightning strikes and other factors that affect the plane’s safety.

Did you know this?

Also, companies develop new technologies to maintain the safety of the pilot and passengers in the case of shocks.

Airlines also ensure that the pilot gets sufficient rest between flights in order to be able to fully perform his Aviation profession. In addition, the presence of two people in the cockpit is a must to ensure flight safety.

All of these measures were the result of continuous experiences and tremendous technological advancements, which greatly contributed to avoiding flying accidents and making plane travel a safer method of travel.

Thirdly: flight safety is under your control.

Flying a private plane is just like driving a car.
However, there are many differences when it comes to pilot versus driver control and how this affects your safety on the road or in the sky.

When you drive a car, motorcycle, or even a boat, you are at the mercy of other drivers in your immediate area where the chance of a collision is high because there is not much you can do to avoid another driver’s collision, no matter how careful you are. 

However, when flying a small plane, the pilot may face a lower risk of colliding with a plane or another object in the sky. On any flight, the pilot sees only a few other planes flying and it’s always done after coordination and agreement.

Because of the rarity of objects that you can potentially collide with in the air, your safety is almost always in control when you take off on any flight. 

In addition, appropriate training in one of the best flying schools will enable you to train in any scenario that poses any potential danger that might occur during the flight. You’ll learn how to avoid potential danger and how to deal with it to ensure your complete safety.

In conclusion

The aviation profession is like any other profession or any activity you perform in your daily life and it is even safer due to the tremendous technological progress and constant development that contributes to the advancement of flying. 

Don’t let rumors discourage you from achieving your dream of becoming a pilot. So don’t hesitate and book your place now in one of the best flying schools.