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How Do You Get a Six-Figure Salary?

Do you dream of being a pilot in the future and get a six-figure fee?
The number six made of money with airplanes flying around it.

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If you dream of getting a six-digit salary, working as a pilot will allow you to reach this dream.

The profession of aviation is one of the great professions that provides you with many benefits, including a high salary.

The aviation profession is one of the rare professions in which the salary increases continuously.
There is a system for calculating your salary as a pilot and the salary increase by how many years have your experience in this profession.

You will get the largest increase in your salary during the first five years of your work as a pilot. The salary calculation is per hour, and airlines provide a fixed number of hours to ensure that you receive a rewarding monthly salary.

After obtaining the license from the Flying School and complete 1500 flying hours, you can already start working as a pilot on an airline.

Your salary depends on several factors, such as your work experience as a pilot, the number of hours your airline has, and also the type of plane you are driving.

How much does the pilot’s salary reach?

For example, if you are an international pilot on a Boeing 777, your salary may reach $ 320 per hour.

Meaning if you’re on a 15-hour trip, your salary on this trip will reach $ 5,000.

As for the salaries of pilots in the Arab region, there is a statistic published on the Al-Arabiya website that shows that the commercial airlines in the Arab region pay a monthly salary of 16 thousand dollars.

It also provides housing allowance and monthly vacations as well.

The benefits of the aviation profession extend beyond retirement.
As you retire at the age of 65 years, you can move to work in private aviation with an average annual wage of $ 122,000.

Is your job as a pilot limited to working in the air?

If you thought that as a pilot, your work would only be in the air this belief is not true.
There are other tasks for the pilot Other than flying.

Your work as a pilot starts before you enter the cockpit.
You check several things first to be sure that your flight will be fine.

those checks include weather conditions,
air condition, adequate fuel, aircraft payload check and distribute this load, and also you have to hand over the flight path before you start to take off.

During the flight, you follow up and check the plane’s equipment.
this Include following radio conversations, and also communicate with the control tower to take off and land safely

Do you dream of being a pilot in the future?

The aviation profession has many other advantages, Not just the salary, but the flexibility in working hours, Constant travel, meeting new friends, visiting Various places, and gaining new experiences from other cultures and peoples.

Besides, the demand for pilots is constantly increasing.
This is due to the high number of passengers, the increasing number of flights. Also, many airlines seek to recruit several pilots who experienced and competent to work on their airlines.

Your family and friends will also have a share of these benefits.
As a pilot, airlines will offer you offers and discounts for your relatives and friends on their travels.

Finally, the safety of this profession.
The aviation profession is safe as companies spend money to take advantage of technological advances in the field of aircraft safety and security.

All aircraft devices are fully insured.
Technological advances have made planes one of the safest ways to travel.

If you want to enjoy all these features, do not hesitate to enroll in an aviation school to begin to fulfill your dream of becoming a pilot.

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