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Aviation the Highest Paying Job in the World

Half a pilot's cap and money shaped into the other half.

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People seeking an aviation job or who want to become pilots in the future are asking about the salary of this job. There are many questions about whether the pilot salary is fixed or variable? Does the salary differ from one position to another within the aviation profession? Does it increase at a fixed rate commensurate with the number of years of experience?

In this article, we will show you the highest salaries that pilots receive around the world, and we will answer questions related to pilots ’ wages.

1- Qatar – Average monthly salary of $18,333
2- UAE – Monthly average salary of $16,666
3- Netherlands – Average monthly salary $20416
4- France – Average monthly salary of $19583
5- Ireland – Average monthly salary $18750
6- Canada – Average monthly salary $18750
7- Switzerland – Average monthly salary of $17583
8- Germany – Average monthly salary of $16916
9- United Kingdom – Average monthly salary of $15,000
10- China – Average monthly salary 25,000

Comparing the profession of flying with other jobs, we find a big difference in salary between the pilot and the employees in other situations. Glassdoor published the stats for the highest wages in 2019, and they were as follows

Doctor: $ 16,117 per month
Pharmacy manager: $ 12064 per month
Dentist: $ 11,873 per month
Pharmacist: $ 10536 per month
Architect: $ 10215 per month
Corporate advisor: $ 9800 per month
Software Engineering Manager: $ 9,513 monthly
Physician assistant: $ 9480 per month
Companies Controller: $ 9447 per month
Software Development Manager: $ 9,150 per month

Is the pilot salary fixed?

Unlike most jobs, the pilot’s salary is not fixed, as the pilot does not get a fixed salary. Still, the salary measured by the number of hours that he accomplishes in flying and exceeds the basic pay of the pilot, travel allowances, and other expenses. Most airlines provide a minimum number of hours for pilots to ensure a good salary for them.

If you are considering a career in aviation, remember there is a lot more in this field than just flying. The aviation profession can provide you with a good salary and a lot of job safety. Also, one of the advantages that you will get in this profession is that the wage increases steadily with increasing years of experience. The monthly salary differs from the annual salary, as many factors contribute to increasing your yearly salary.