Multiple Highly Paid Job Opportunities for Pilots

Do you consider yourself an ambitious person? Would you like to learn a different field and get an exceptionally great job with a high salary?
An airplane with a pilot's cap and a pile of money in front of it.

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Do you consider yourself an ambitious person who wants to learn a diverse field and gets a unique, high-salary job

The aviation industry is one of the fields that attract highly ambitious people. It is not an ordinary profession like any other. As, it has so many significant advantages such as a high salary, the variety of fields in which you can work, the amusement of travelling, moving to different places, and getting to know new cultures, as well as, meeting new people.

So, if you are in the gathering-information stage and would like to know more before enrolling in a flight school.
Here are the most prominent sectors that you can work in after becoming a pilot, and the expected average salary for each job.

Civil Aviation

Civil Aviation is vast aviation; it includes any non-military flying, whether general aviation or scheduled air transport.

Civilian pilots fly all types of non-military aircrafts: a private jet to people or corporates or a commercial aircrafts for carriers of passengers or cargo transportation, as well as, agricultural aircrafts to crop dusting, combating forest fires aircrafts, and police aircraft,etc. 

As a civilian pilot, your salary depends on the civil aviation sector you choose to work in, but in general, you can expect a huge monthly salary up to 25000 USD.

General Aviation

General aviation refers to all civilian non-scheduled flying whether private or commercial.

 It is widely used in most of the aircrats’ range as of gliders to large jet cargo flights. If the aircraft is not operated by a commercial airline or by the military, it falls under this category.

The expected monthly salary in this sector ranges from 5000 USD up to 11000 USD. 

Private Aviation

Private Aviation is the part of general aviation that involves flying planes for private-sector customers or members. Moreover, Passengers and pilots don’t have to be committed to the schedule of the commercial airlines as transporting professional team sports or celebrities or entrepreneurs.So, if you seek to have a career path in aviation, the license of a private pilot will be a greatly powerful add to your C.V. As, after having it, you’ll become a certified private pilot. Furthermore, you can start to work in the private aviation field. In return, you’ll get a monthly salary up to 5000 USD. 

Scheduled Airline Flight (Commercial Pilot and Airline Transport Pilot)

It is a part of civil aviation that provides air transport services for passengers or goods  through scheduled flights.

Getting your commercial pilot license will offer you a whole new world of chances in the aviation career. In addition, you will start gaining tremendous money while working in your dream job. After getting a commercial pilot license (CPL), you can reinforce your career path in aviation through having the airline transport pilot license, which will allow you to operate large transport aircraft with advanced systems.
An airline pilot is hired by an airline to transport passengers and goods locally and internationally; their average monthly salary is estimated to be 25000 USD (China)

Military Aviation

Military aviation is the use of specialized aircraft for any military purposes.

Military pilots are offered great job opportunities by flying various specialized aircraft types to transport troops and equipment, execute combat missions and military shows. Moreover, they gain excellent aviation experience that qualifies them for an outstanding civilian aviation career if they take it ever in their consideration.

As a military pilot, you can get paid up to 9,000 USD monthly.

Cargo Pilot

Cargo pilots are commercial pilots hired by an airline for operating airplanes that transport goods such as mails, packages, and other cargo types according to a schedule set by an airline.

If you obtain your commercial pilot license and have built up only 500 flight hours. So, working as a cargo pilot would be an excellent option. You will have the benefit of not having to worry about the cabin temperature or making announcements for passengers. You can be paid up to 9000 USD a month (USA)

Charter Pilot

Charter pilots are commercial or airline transport pilots hired by private organizations or individuals to fly an aircraft that is not a part of a scheduled regular airline routing.

A company can rent the entire aircraft with a charter flight and then determine the departure- arrival appointments. 

If you are a fresh-employed commercial pilot, working on charter flights will help you go to places you have never been to before; it will also help you increase your flight hours to be able to apply for airlines in the future, and you will be offered an excellent monthly salary up to $ 10000 (USA)

Ferry Pilot

If you seek to increase your flight hours to improve yourself in the aviation career, ferry flights will give you a great chance to do that in just one flight.
Seek more flight hours to advance in the aviation career. Ferry flights will offer you an excellent opportunity to log many hours in a single plane.

Ferry pilots are commercial pilots who fly aircraft that do not have passengers or cargo; they may transport new or used airlines from a seller to a buyer, transporting aircraft for maintenance, or making return flights for private aircraft after providing a one-way flight for a client. they might as well work with commercial airlines. So, they can transport aircraft to different airports as needed by the airline. The average monthly salary for ferry pilots is $ 11500 (USD)

Medical Emergency and Air Ambulance Pilot

Medical emergency and air ambulance pilots’ job involves transferring patients and people who are in need of immediate medical care in emergencies, such as moving victims from crash sites. They are required to work closely with medical staff including doctors and nurses.

The average monthly salary for air ambulance pilots is $4600 (USA)

Law Enforcement Pilot (Police Pilot)

They are pilots who fly aircraft (helicopters or airplanes) to do or facilitate police operations: traffic control, regular patrols, investigation and rescue, transfer of prisoners, or other legal operations.

The average monthly police pilot salary is 9000 USD.

Fire-fighting Pilot

Fire-fighting pilots fly planes or helicopters to help in combating forest fire. Its training enables you to gain expert-level aviation skills, as well as, to have excellent knowledge about  dealing with fire and fire suppression techniques.

The average monthly salary for a fire-fighting pilot  is $9500.

Agricultural Pilot

They are professional pilots who fly small planes at low attitudes for farming purposes such as fertilizers and pesticides, or planting seeds. They can be hired by government agencies, private-sector pest-control companies, or can be self-employed. Working as an agricultural pilot helps you gain the-adding-and-mixing chemicals experience, in addition to keeping the sprinkler records to inform the farmer or the employer.
Flying aircraft for farming purposes is a great way to increase flight hours. The average monthly salary is up to 8500 USD.

Flight Instructor

A flight instructor is a person who teaches others how to operate an aircraft; their job involves enhancing and evaluating the knowledge and skills of pilots who need to progress their career path.

Instructing is one of the best ways to start  your career as a pilot. As, it will help you build up flying hours ,in addition to improving your aviation skills, updating your theoretical and practical knowledge, as well as sharpening your personal and soft skills.

The average monthly salary for flight instructors in USA is $9000.You can enroll in Eagle Air School to learn flying and start your journey as an ambitious pilot through this link.