How To Be A Civil Pilot?

The definitive guide to becoming a civil pilot!
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Has it always been your dream to become a pilot and fly high in the sky? 

You’ve surfed the web and found different types of pilots and now you’re confused and have questions? What is civil aviation? How is it different from military aviation? How can you become a civil pilot? 

No need to worry, all of your questions will be answered right here in this article! We’ll tell you all about what a civil pilot is and how to become one as well as the differences between civil and military aviation, and much more! Read on ahead to find out more about the extraordinary profession that is aviation. 

What is the difference between the Civil pilot and Military Pilot? 

Basically, civil aviation refers to the use of aircraft for personal and business purposes alike, such as transporting passengers or goods. 

In other words, it represents non-military aviation, and that includes commercial flights, charter flights, cargo, agriculture, and more. 

Now what exactly is military aviation then?
It refers to the use of military aircraft for the defense or attack of a country from up high in the sky. Such aircraft include military transport planes, bombers, and surveillance planes.

A military pilot, or fighter pilot, typically flies with the armed forces and air forces of a government or nation.

Now that you understand the differences between civil and military aviation, let us delve into the different types of civil pilots and the requirements and qualifications for each one. 

Types of Civil Pilots: 

1. Private Pilot

Getting your Private Pilot Licence (PLL) is the first step you take in your journey to becoming a pilot. In this course, you learn the fundamentals of aviation that qualifies you to fly a plane. 

As a private pilot,  you may fly small aircraft and practice maneuvers, and you can also fly rides for charity. 

Requirements for a PPL: 

In order to apply for your PPL, you must: 

  • Be at least 17 years old
  • Have good English 
  • Pass the medical exam
  • Have a high school degree

As a pilot, it is important that you pass the medical exam because it proves that you are in good health and will be able to perform as expected in the program and in future flights. 

2. Commercial Pilot

The Commercial Pilot License (CPL) allows you to get paid as a professional pilot and fly for hire; it is also a more advanced license and as such you become a more qualified and skilled pilot.
That’s why it’s a crucial licence to have if you want to seriously pursue a career as a pilot and fulfill your dreams of flying around the globe and getting an attractive salary. 

With a CPL, you can transport passengers and act as pilot in command of an aircraft. You can also fly charter flights, and you can even become a flight instructor! 

Requirements for a CPL: 

To apply for a CPL, you must: 

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Have good English 
  • Hold a Private Pilot License (PPL)
  • Have had training in the areas of a commercial pilot
  • Pass the medical exam

By the end of this course, you will be qualified to fly bigger planes and longer distances, meaning that you will have more travel opportunities and see more of the world, not to mention that you will earn a high salary as pilots are constantly in demand all over the world! 

3. Airline Pilot 

All airline pilots are commercial pilots, but not all commercial pilots are necessarily qualified as airline pilots. If you want to work in an airline and fly passengers regularly, you must complete a few more steps. 

Requirements to be an airline pilot:

  • You must obtain your PPL and CPL 
  • You need to earn a Night Rating so you are able to fly at night
  • Earn Instrument Rating and Multi-Engine Rating so you can safely and properly operate aircraft

So, in order to fly as an airline pilot and visit beautiful airports around the world, you need to complete a minimum of 1500 flight hours to earn your Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) license in addition to the ones we have already mentioned. 

A great benefit you get as an airline pilot is the salaries, as airlines pay pilots high salaries due to the increase in demand for qualified pilots. 

How can you choose the best flight school?

If your heart is set on being a civil pilot and exploring the sky, then all you need to do is to find the best flight academy that can help you make your dreams come true.

Here are some guidelines as to what you should look for in a flight academy: 

  • Experience: the more years of experience the school has, the better and higher quality of training they can offer their students. Eagle Air has over 10 years of experience and our instructors are highly trained and experienced!
  • Quality: a flight school should offer a variety of high quality aircraft in their fleet and they must be regularly maintained to ensure top-notch performance. At Eagle Air, we offer 8 different types of aircraft and top-quality equipment! Moreover, Eagle Air provides a variety of pilot licences and certifications that allows you to get quality experience and training so you can confidently fly in the sky. 
  • Safety: your safety during the duration of the program relies on the quality and safety of aircraft used by the flight academy. Not only does Eagle Air constantly maintain its aircraft and equipment, it also hires the most qualified trainers and instructors that are equipped to face all challenges! 

When it comes to choosing the best flight academy, you need to consider the previous points when exploring your options. Eagle Air provides you with a variety of aircraft to train with, not to mention high quality equipment and experienced flight instructors, ranking high in the list of top ten certified aviation training schools! 

How to apply to Eagle Air 

Applying to a flight school has never been easier! All you need to apply to Eagle Air Academy is to be at least 17 years old, and you don’t even need a college degree to enroll, you just need to have a high school degree.

Embark on your journey towards the sky, apply now on Eagle Air and become the pilot you’ve always dreamed of being!