A Plane Flying In The Air


Did you hear before about “ Air show “?!

Sea While Flying
Green Mountains From A Plane
A Nice View While Flying

Let’s know the meaning of Air Show through the one which was held in our Airport “Wonderboom“.

The AERO South Africa conference and exhibition took place from 4-6 July 2019 and was poised to be Africa’s largest general aviation trade show. The event exposed the visitors to the latest advances, developments, products and services across the aviation industry.

From ultralights and gliders to business jets, helicopters, remotely piloted aircraft and electric aircraft as well as avionics and maintenance, various companies will be afforded the opportunity to showcase their cutting-edge products and services.

It was a Meeting with leading industry experts, enthusiasts, aviation companies, flight training schools, pilots, business jet owners and private aircraft owners over 3 days of excitement, demonstrations and face-to-face business meetings.