A Pilot At The Cabin

Why Us

Eagle Air has a great history dating back more than 10 years, so It has been registered as a training institution by the South African Aviation Authority.

Why Choose Eagle Air

Eagle Air also has the most qualified and experienced pilots and trainers to face all aviation challenges, it’s making it the first choice for a broad base of students around the world. We have trainees from all countries extend to Egypt and the Middle East.

Studeny Safety

Student safety is the top priority, they deal with the most famous maintenance facility at the airport.


Various Aircrafts

Eagle Air has also a wide range of aircraft (Multi/single) Engine available for training.


A Pilot In Front Of The Plane
Highly Recognized

In South Africa, for the second time in a row, Eagle Air ranked second in the list of top ten certified aviation training schools

Best Trainers

has the most qualified and experienced pilots and trainers to face all aviation challenge.

Aviation Career and Salaries

The aviation career is considered the most important career around the world. it has made the world smaller; people can move from any country to another easier than the other transportation.

Daily Flights
Passengers per day

In addition to that, it is also the highest paid and the most enjoyable and exciting job, that’s why most of the job seekers are trying to find an opportunity in this field.
The salaries of pilots vary from one airline to another, where Arab airlines are the highest compared to other airlines.

Those are some examples of the salaries’ range:

Emirates Airlines

The pilot gets paid $6800 per month —the wage bracket is $15.700 to $1,300per month in addition to bonus up to $13,300.

South Africa Airlines:

The average annual salary of the pilot is between $45,000 and $14,500. If you have 1 - 4 years of experience the salary will be between $16,100 and $30,000.

Saudi Airlines:

The basic salary of the pilot assistant is about 19,000 SAR, besides the flying hours.

Egyptian Airlines:

The pilot’s salary ranges from $4,500 to $7,500 according to the number of flight hours and years of experience. The wages’ rate increase due to the market needs and the competition among the different airlines.